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Are you achieving the pinnacle with profits? Do you want to generate improved financial performance and growth by optimizing on social media platforms and digital operations? Get in touch with Social media optimization services experts.

You might be surprised that Instagram has over 1 billion active users. As the majority of audiences flocked to twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook and other social networking sites, the best social media tactics to gain momentum for your business success. Social media has proved a great platform to foster your brand value and steer leads. Social branding and propaganda of websites, services or brands have become a social responsibility.  Smart businesses are rapidly integrating Social media optimization to reach out to targeted audiences and influence their brand perception. Best SMO companies in India offer 360-degree social media optimization services.


IJS Infotech, we simplify communication with your clients through conventional SEO, SMO and SMM techniques to promote your business online. We are a boutique digital marketing agency that focuses on increasing traffic and maximizing ROI. With a blend of innovation and collaboration, our digital solutions are focused around you and your customers. Social media marketing promotes your business with a greater perception of authenticity and authority to reach millions of engaged online targeted and potential customers. Social media is a double-edged sword, don't let your brands suffer from the wrong sided edge; we can help you manage all kinds of platforms and campaigns.


Our services

1.      Facebook marketing

Facebook has about 2. 6 billion monthly active users, and over 140 million businesses outreaching their customers on the platform. Facebook is a powerful way to nurture brand traffic and drive sales. At IJS Infotech, our team focuses on driving measurable marketing success for fledging startups and established companies across multiple verticals. We are proficient in creating well-phrased and eye-catching campaigns that abide platform policies as well as match your target intent.


2.      Youtube marketing

Youtube is the largest video platform and the second largest search engine after Google. About 6 billion hours of videos are watched every month, resulting in hundreds of thousands of views and leads. Maximize your exposure to millions of new customers by blending methodologies and marketing strategy. At IJS Infotech, we are a performance-based SMO marketing agency that works more on sales and branding. We help you build your audience by fostering organic growth and creating unique content that entails your brand story.

3.      Instagram marketing

Instagram is truly a millennial channel that can prove stellar growth and high exposure. With a dash of aspiration and growing meme culture, Instagram is an ideal platform for business profiles too. About 64% of young aspirants actively visit and follow business profiles every day. Don't miss the opportunity to stand out and strengthen your connection with your target audience. IJS Infotech, your social media strategist, would maximize your results by aligned and consistent approaches with other marketing efforts. 

4.      Influencer marketing

In today's world, influencer marketing strategies are more impactful. By leveraging the power of word-of-mouth through influential people on social media, you can drive higher KPIs, brand awareness, community growth, website traffic and sales. Influencer marketing yields 16x more ROI compared to other forms of marketing. Our professionals would support from A to Z, creating influencer marketing campaigns that are effective. We can create authentic, scalable and ROI oriented campaigns for Instagram, Youtube and others.

5.      LinkedIn marketing

LinkedIn is an effective tool for growing business and procure great opportunities to close business deals. Harness the customer journey and build better relations to compete in a crowded marketplace with LinkedIn marketing. With IJS infotech, best social media optimization company, we streamline your advertising campaigns and augment your exposure in the digital world. We ensure that your brand name is targeting the right audience and the right platform to generate more sales and higher conversion ratios.


6.      Pinterest Marketing

When thinking of visual social media, Pinterest media is amongst the top. Pinterest anchors over 250 monthly active users searching for inspiration, ideas often landing to buy a product. We help you infuse your brand core message, create captivating boards, spread your ideas through Pinterest marketing. We help you create and curate posts that fascinate your customer leading interest in your brand and conversions.


Why Choose us?

-          Ethical methods and techniques

We implement ethical organic methodologies, techniques and strategies to drive potential growth and increase conversion rate.

-          Campaign execution

We execute campaigns that provoke the right response from customers to foster your brand image for an exceptional digital presence.

-          Innovative

As a best social media optimization company, our motto is either be innovative or die. We emphasize in creating new ideas, creative thoughts, and new imaginations to deliver better solutions as per present market needs.

-          Increase brand awareness

Our professionals use different social hubs and comprehend platforms to promote your business online. We use tactics to establish your brand and increase awareness among targeted audiences.

-          Better customer services

We focus on strengthening relationships by providing the best services that enable your brand with remarkable growth.


-          Support

After successfully launching your campaigns, our relationship does not end. Our team would be available to support, promote and answer your queries.



See how top brands are benefitting from successful SMO strategies with IJS Infotech to activate, manage their marketing campaigns. Find out how we can grow your business, contact us.