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If you are looking for enigmatic spectacular yet simple and personalized approach to create memories from the best day of your life, you have reached the right place. We are a team of dedicated, passionate and incredibly fun team who love to bring a smile to our clients faces. We consider our clients our extended family and Bright Wed Cafe promises to deliver that sprinkle of magic much needed in our mundane lives.

At IJS infotech, we believe in empowering your business with 360-degree website development solutions to gain more exposure and strengthen your online presence.


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    Bright Wed Cafe
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    Bright Wed Cafe
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    Having my website created by IJS Infotech, I was able to increase my consumer base by 60 percent! The professionalism and individualism of the customer service I received from IJS Infotech is unparalleled. To see that this web design company was able to create my vision on the web was incredible as they did not leave out any details and collaborated with me through the process to assure that I was completely satisfied. I highly recommend IJS Infotech to everyone!


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